Link Point 02006 "Please Contact Merchant Services."

Aug 14, 2010 at 11:13 PM

I'm having some trouble with the LinkPoint code.  It appears to be almost working since I get an actual LinkPoint error, but I'm not sure why and I thought I would post my code here to see if I could get help.

    Public Sub Testing(ByVal certPath As String, ByVal certPassword As String, ByVal amount As Double)
        Dim cert As New X509Certificate2(certPath, certPassword, X509KeyStorageFlags.PersistKeySet)
        Dim gateway = Factory.CreateNew(SupportedVersion.V3_5)

        Dim trans As New LinkPointTransactionInformation(LinkPointTransactionType.Sale, LinkPointTransactionOrigin.Internet)
        Dim payment As New LinkPointPaymentInformation(amount)

        Dim billing As New LinkPointBillingInformation("Test T User", "", "100 Some AVE", "", "Somewhere", USState.Washington, "99301", "(555)123-4567)", "", "")
        Dim shipping As New LinkPointShippingInformation(LinkPointShippingMethod.TotalPrice, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, payment.Total, 0.0, billing)

        Dim cc As New LinkPointCreditCardInformation(billing.Name, "4005550000000019", 10, 11, "123")

        Dim resp = gateway.CreditCardSale("", 1129, "1909389757", cert, trans, payment, cc, billing, shipping, Nothing)

    End Sub

When I run this code the Response has the error number "02006" and the error message "Please contact merchant services.".  The certificate is being loaded correctly since I can see all the info it contains.  I re-downloaded the certificates earlier today just to make sure they hadn't changed.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.