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Project Description
Incorporates everything you need for an enterprise ASP.NET application into a suite of easy-to-use libraries. There's support for easy localization, e-mail (and e-mail templating with localization), custom configuration on a per-machine basis, URL rewriting, Windows services with UAC, payment gateway processing, and more.

Pick and choose what you want in your site. Utilize all the features or just a few - it's as extensible as you need it to be.

Please visit for more information about this project and for details about some of the other included libraries.

Please vist to browse the source.

The suite is actually distributed under the CPOL: There wasn't an option on CodePlex for this license, so I chose the next best thing. Please refer to the license that comes with the suite for more information.

Please e-mail to participate.

We need help with documentation! If you are willing to assist, please let us know!

  • July 29, 2008: Added enterprise example to baseline v1.0.0 download. This brings the other examples together and shows how to integrate Windows services with a SQL Server 2005 database and ASP.NET website.

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